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Real estate PR calender 2018

He is back: the real estate PR calendar for 2018. A calendar that provides insight into what happens during the year in the real estate sector and in the professional journals. Opportunities to generate media attention for your organization, product or service. The calendar contains all relevant information such as (European) fairs, conferences, awards, relevant days and specials from professional journals. The calendar helps you find and create news entries and optimal news moments for your editorial content.

A new lay-out

As you can see, the calendar has a new look. Previously, we published the calendar semi-annually, but this year there is one calendar for January through December. So you no longer have to wait for the follow-up and you can also determine your PR and communication plan for the second half of the year. All months are on one poster of A3 format. Handy, for example, to hang next to your desk.

How do you use the calendar?

On the basis of the PR calendar you can get started with your PR-plan. In a PR plan you make it clear at a glance which trade fairs and congresses you are present, which news items you bring out and which current events or themes you anticipate. You also make clear which input is needed for this and which steps the PR team takes. A PR plan provides guidance and ensures that you consistently generate media attention. Through a natural flow of publicity, you stay in the picture with journalists and your target group. This way you build and maintain a strong reputation.

Download it now!

Download the calendar now by entering your name and e-mail address under 'Download the real estate PR calendar'. Then we ensure that you get an update as soon as more meetings and themes are planned.
Have we missed an important moment? Let us know! Do you need help with approaching the press? We like to think along with you and we would like to introduce our network of journalists to you.

Download the real estate PR calendar

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